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Garnishment for Washington Employers

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

Everything You Wanted to Know About Garnishment But Were Afraid to Ask

Westwood Law partner Jeff Smoot is something of an expert on garnishment practice. Before becoming an attorney, Jeff worked as a litigation paralegal, which included managing a consumer collection portfolio that involved processing writs of garnishment on a daily basis. It also included handling phone calls from bewildered employers who had no idea how to deal with a writ of garnishment. To help guide employers through the process, Jeff prepared a written how-to sheet. That sheet was later published in the Daily Journal of Commerce, and eventually as a legal guide on In 2018, Jeff turned it into a book, Garnishment for Washington Employers: A Practical Guide to Garnishment Practice, Procedure, and Issues, that explains the garnishment process from start to finish and provides step-by-step instructions for responding to a writ of garnishment. "It's a valuable resource for employers who don't deal with garnishments every day," Jeff says. "They are usually not familiar with the process and most likely to make a mistake." Jeff's book, which includes sample forms, is available on Amazon ($9.95), although he gives a free copy to his clients who ask for one.

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