Formation, Governance & Guidance

More than twenty percent of small businesses fail within the first year, and only half survive past their fifth year. Why? Many factors go into starting and building a successful business. It takes careful planning, sufficient capital and cash flow, the right management team, and sound legal guidance. We help our clients with business planning, formation, entity selection, management advice, acquis-ition, sale, contracts, borrowing and lending, secured transactions, restructuring, succession planning, dispute resolution, and related litigation. 


Purchase & Sale, Leasing, Construction, Development & Dispute Resolution

Real estate law is about more than only buying and selling property. It's also about helping people build and preserve wealth. Whether you're buying your first home, financing a purchase or sale, leasing a rental unit or office space, or developing a subdivision or condominium, you will almost certainly encounter legal issues. Our attorneys have substantial experience in real estate matters, including purchase and sale, leasing, construction, development, contract drafting and review, resolving title issues, bond and lien claims, dispute resolution, and related litigation. 


Wills, Trusts, Asset Protection Strategies, Business Succession & Probate

Most people think of estate planning as only involving the making of a Will. While a good Will is the cornerstone of a solid estate plan, estate planning is only one part of sound wealth building, asset protection, and succession strategy. Are your retirement funds safe from creditors? Will a trust assure that your children's financial needs are met? Do you need a succession plan to assure your children will be able to continue the family business? Are there legal ways to avoid paying excessive estate tax? We can help you answer these questions and establish an estate and succession plan that preserves the wealth you've worked hard to build. We also represent heirs, beneficiaries, and personal representatives in probate and trust administration matters. 


Divorce, Custody, Asset Distribution

A divorce or child custody legal dispute is an emotional experience that can at times be overwhelming to those involved. When you are seeking legal help with their family law matter, you are often facing a crisis. We advocate on our client’s behalf to ensure our clients' rights are protected, and strive to find creative ways to find a resolution so that they can have peace of mind. With our client’s goals in mind, we will seek alternative resolutions when they are feasible, but act as a strong advocate at trial when an alternative resolution can’t be reached. Throughout the entire process, our attorneys will always have your family’s and children’s best interests in mind.

Vineyards & Wineries

Vineyards and wineries are both an ancient art and a cutting edge business. Washington is at the forefront of the industry and is positioned to be one of the leading regions in the industry. Whether establishing a new vineyard or winery, or making changes to your existing business, let us be your legal partner in realizing your potential.

Formation, Contracts, Real Estate Issues Specific to Vineyards and Wineries